Family Hubs and Children's Centres

Help and information for parents and carers

In Blackburn with Darwen we believe that the first 1,001 days are a critical time for babies, and their parents and carers. A healthy pregnancy sets up the unborn baby for a healthy life, and pregnancy changes life for parents, carers and the family around them.

Our aim is to provide seamless support for families with voluntary, community, health and council services working together. 

Our Start for Life offer will contain the services that are available to parents and carers in the first 1,001 critical days, and information on how parents and carers can access them. We will deliver these services through our Family Hubs and Children's Centres:

  • Family Hub Darwen 
  • Family Hub Little Harwood 
  • Family Hub Livesey 
  • Family Hub Shadsworth 
  • Audley and Children's Centre
  • Hancock Street Children's Centre
  • Higher Croft Children's Centre
  • Wensley Fold Children's Centre

You can also visit our Family Hub online website, which has lots of help and information for parents and carers.

By sharing resources and working together, we can ensure families receive the services they need. Parents will feel supported and part their communities accessing help they need without barriers.


This shared and integrated Early Help approach will mean:

  • co-ordinated services resulting in healthy, happy babies and young children who are well attached to resilient and confident caregivers

  • healthy, happy children and young people progressing through their education. Developing emotional resilience, social skills and positive aspirations

  • young adults in appropriate education, training or employment, in stable relationships and with living skills that make them healthy and independent


Family Hub Panel


Get involved and become part of our panel of parents and carers.

Being part of our panel means we'll listen to your opinions and use them to help shape our services. You can contribute in a variety of ways, including email, telephone, face to face, online meetings and surveys.


Sign up to the Family Hub Panel