Accessing your care records

Anyone leaving care can request access to their care records

If you are a young person leaving care, you have the right to access your care records. We have worked with our young care leavers to design an individual process that makes accessing your care records as easy as possible.

Before you make a request for your records, you need a MyBwD account. You can watch a tutorial on how to create a BwD account if you do not have one.

Request your care records

Accessing your care records can be a positive process which can help you to get a better sense of who you are, and help you to re-establish contact with family members.

However, some people may find accessing their records distressing. Your Personal Advisor (PA) can support you through this process. You can also get support through the Care Leavers Association website

The Family Connect website also has information about places you can get support when you are accessing your records.