Cavity wall insulation defects/problems

Cavity wall insulation is designed to improve internal comfort, save money and help residents to keep warm.

However, if you have the wrong type of insulation in your property or the insulation has not been installed in the correct way, then there is a possibility that you may have some problems.

These could range from:

  • saturated, wet and cold walls
  • mould and mildew
  • damage to plaster and peeling wall paper
  • dry rot and wet rot
  • damage to skirting boards and structural
  • timbers
  • damage to carpets and curtains
  • high energy bills.

Further information

  • Homeowner’s guide to overcoming cavity wall insulation problems (see "documents section below")
  • Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency: 01525 853300
  • Ofgem Appropriate Guarantee: 020 79017000