Homelessness advice and support

If you currently have somewhere to live, but you are at risk of becoming homeless, complete the online enquiry form.

Make an enquiry

If you already have an open case with us please do not complete the online enquiry again - please contact your housing needs officer directly by email or call 01254 585585.
The online enquiry will ask a number of questions about yourself, your household and your circumstances. Please make sure that you answer all the questions and include a contact number and/or an email address so that we can get in touch with you. Once the enquiry has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and a housing needs officer will then contact you within 5 working days to discuss your housing circumstances further. They will give you the option of completing a telephone assessment or seeing them in person to complete this assessment.

If you are currently homeless and have no accommodation tonight, please complete the online enquiry and then call us on 01254 585444.

If you contact our team without completing the online enquiry form first, you will be asked to complete the form before you are able to speak to a member of staff.

During the assessment, we will ask you a number of questions about your circumstances, your household's support needs and your wishes. This assessment may last up to 90 minutes depending on the information needed.

We will discuss the steps we will take and you will take to assist you in preventing you from becoming homeless or relieving your homelessness. These steps will form your personal housing plan. In order to access and update your personal housing plan you will need an internet access and an email address.
There are a number of services that can help you to stay in your current home, including help with:

  • tenancy matters
  • housing benefit/universal credit issues
  • a relationship breakdown.

If staying in your current home is not an option, we can help you take steps to look for a new home.

If you think you are at risk of losing your home, you should seek advice immediately. Early action can prevent your becoming homeless.
Help with internet access or using computers

If you have difficulty in using a computer and/or accessing or using the internet, help is available at the following locations:

  • Blackburn Library: 01254 661221
  • Darwen Library: 01254 706021
  • Audley Neighbourhood Learning Centre: 01254 507720
  • Bank Top Community Centre: 01254 581175
  • Livesey Library: 01254 209442
  • Mill Hill Library: 01254 266380
  • Roman Road Library: 01254 682347
  • Darwen Resource Centre: 01254 226360

Drop in sessions and bookable IT courses from beginner level are available - please call one of the centres for further details.

Rough sleepers

If you see someone sleeping rough, or if you are sleeping rough yourself, you can contact Streetlink.

If someone is unwell or distressed, please do not put yourself in danger or approach someone acting strangely, even to help. Call 101 or 999 in an emergency.