Corporate plan

Updated: 13.05.22

The Council’s current Corporate Plan was agreed by elected members in March 2019 and set out the Council’s eight priorities for 2019-2023.

Designed to enable all of our residents to achieve a good quality of life in a vibrant and thriving place, with strong community values and an inclusive society - it is for everyone: councillors, staff, partners, residents, businesses; anyone who can support the Council to be the best it can possibly be.

Given the Corporate Plan was endorsed pre-pandemic, it is important we now look at refreshing it to take into account the impact of Covid-19. We want to drive forward policy agendas that will support sustained recovery, drive improvements in services and make the borough a better place for everyone.

Councillors agreed to refresh the corporate plan at December’s Policy Council. Since then – in order to provide the evidence base for a new Corporate Plan for 2022-2026 - we have embarked on a programme of engagement with our residents, businesses and partners.

Partnership working is a key foundation of the current Corporate Plan and continues to be viewed as a major strength of this Council and this borough.

We want to continue this approach and ensure the Council’s priorities are shaped by our residents, businesses and partners. It will be our explicit commitment that there will be a number of ways for our communities to have their voices heard.

We are also committed to gathering insight from already planned consultations, such as the Local Plan, using existing engagement networks such as the Covid champions, holding specific stakeholder events and developing a programme of executive member-led engagement sessions.

We have also commissioned a residents’ survey, the first one since 2018.

Individual pieces of engagement to develop other complementary plans and strategies will also be used.

This entire programme will underpin the new corporate plan which will be agreed by Council later in 2022.