Benefits: change in circumstances

In order to avoid over payments and court proceedings, it is important that you tell us of any changes in your circumstances.

By telling us, you will help us keep your benefit awards correct.

Some examples of the types of changes you must report

You need to tell us if you or your partner:

  • have any changes to the amount of benefit you receive from the Department for Work and Pensions, including your benefits stopping, starting or a change in the amount you receive
  • start work or change jobs
  • have an increase or decrease in wages
  • have savings or investments and the value goes up or down
  • go into hospital.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive.

You also need to tell us if:

  • any of your children leave school
  • you change address
  • the number of people living with you changes, for example;
    • you have a child
    • other people come to live with you
    • you foster a child or children
    • other people leave your house
  • you leave the property for over 4 weeks

  • the income of other householders change.

When to tell us about a change in circumstances

You must inform us of a change in circumstances within 1 calendar month of the change. If you have a change in your circumstances which would give you more benefit, and you have delayed telling us, any change will only be made from the Monday following the date reported.

If the change would give you less benefit, causing an over payment of benefit, your claim will be amended from the actual change date.

How to report a change in circumstances

Changes in your circumstances should be reported in on line by clicking the link below. We may ask you for further evidence in support of your change. These can be provided by sending scanned or photographic evidence to

Report a change in circumstances

Please note: informing agencies of the Department for Work and Pensions or other offices such as welfare rights or your landlord does not automatically mean that the Council will be informed.