Benefits claims

We only accept claims for Housing Benefit if you are of pensionable age or live in supported accommodation (as defined by the Local Authority).

We only accept Council Tax Support claims for those who have a Council Tax liability.

It is important that you make your claim straight away. Do not delay in making a claim as we normally pay benefit from the Monday following the date that the claim was received. When you make your claim, you must provide:

  • proof of your identity
  • National Insurance number
  • income, capital and rent (if applicable)

Do not delay in sending your claim form to us if you do not have all the supporting evidence available at the time. You can send the information to us within one calendar month of the receipt date of your claim, but we cannot work out your benefit without it. The quicker you provide it, the better.

Apply for a benefits claim

Award notices

Housing Benefit

Once your housing benefit claim has been considered and assessed, the benefits team will send you an award notice advising you of any award that has been made and detailing the information we have used to work out your benefit.

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support awards will be displayed on the Council Tax bill. You will need to check the award notice carefully to ensure all the information used is correct.

If you don’t understand any aspect of your award or think it is wrong and wish to appeal against it, you must contact us immediately. Any appeal must be received within one calendar month of the date of the notification.

You will not be able to appeal against the authority’s scheme, and accordingly, it is not a decision against which there is a right of appeal to the authority or to the Valuation Tribunal Service.

You can only appeal against the amount of reduction awarded to you for the reasons below:

  • you think that, under the rules of the local Council Tax Support scheme, the council should have given you a reduction on the council tax you have to pay
  • you think the amount of reduction the Council have given you under the local Council Tax Support scheme is not correct.


If you are entitled to Council Tax Support, this will be credited directly to your Council Tax account and a new bill issued to you showing any award.

Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowance is normally paid to the claimant but can be paid to the landlord in some cases. It is paid in arrears by BACS, every 4 weeks.