Scaffolding permits

You will need a permit if you intend to erect a scaffolding or other similar structure (Tower Scaffold, Cherry Picker, Mobile Elevated Work Platform etc). The scaffolding must also meet all other requirements under Highways Act 1980.

If you regularly apply for scaffolding permits, you should apply to be a member of our Scaffolding Membership Scheme. Please contact us to find out about the application process.

Scaffolding permits are issued on a weekly basis and any applications must be accompanied by a valid insurance document for a public liability policy for a minimum of £5 million. Members of the scaffolding membership scheme also have additional options for weekly and 4 weekly permits.

Applying for a permit

There are two application types for scaffolding permits: members and non-members.

  • Members of the scheme are provided with the application form on enrolment.
  • Non Members (for one-off Scaffolding permits) can obtain an application form by contacting us.

It is not possible for members of the public to apply for permits, only scaffolding companies can apply.


Scaffolding Membership Scheme Fee: £250.00 per year


Scaffolding permit fees for members
Permit type 1 Week 4 Weeks
Type 0, 1, & 2 Roads, including Town Centre Zonal Map £45.00 per week £160.00
Type 3 & 4 Traffic Sensitive Roads £35.00 per week £125.00
Type 3 & 4 Non Traffic Sensitive Roads £25.00 per week £90.00


  • Type 0, 1, & 2 Roads, including Town Centre Zonal Map: £90.00 per week
  • Type 3 & 4 Traffic Sensitive Roads: £70.00 per week
  • Type 3 & 4 Non Traffic Sensitive Roads: £50.00 per week

Illegal scaffolding


Checking if scaffolding has a permit

All scaffolding issued with a permit by the Council are plotted onto our map which includes a copy of the permit in PDF format.

Any illegal scaffolding on the highway can reported by contacting us on 01254 585585 or email

Further information

If you need any more information or advice or help completing your application please contact us.