Our values

Working here you can make a difference to the lives of our residents that we are proud to serve.

We would like you to share that pride we have in our heritage and the excitement we have about our future. 

We provide more than 800 different services to people who live, work and study in the borough. We are the second largest employer in our borough with 2300 employees across a range of very diverse services.

With such a diverse workforce our core values help to ensure everyone is working towards a common purpose. They are the guiding principles in all that we do and influence our behaviour and how to make decisions. That way, as employees we all know what we can expect from each other. 

Our core values are: 

  • trust, 
  • respect, 
  • ambition, 
  • collaboration,
  • kindness

By living and breathing these values, our employees will be working in an environment with a positive workplace culture and where all feel Proud to be BwD.