The Council and social care

The Council and social care

We are absolutely determined to help people living in Blackburn and Darwen enjoy a better quality of life and the chance to raise their aspirations. For us that means making things as fair and inclusive as possible so that people have the chances that they deserve. We know that investing in technology is vital. Modernising and helping others make the most of what is available sits at the heart of what we are trying to achieve.

Adults and Children’s Social Care is varied with many different roles across a range of setting, working with children or people of different ages and support needs.

We are very aware of our staff wellbeing and despite the worries that we all have about friends and family, we still manage to have some fun and share virtual social events via Microsoft Teams, which all employees have access to.

We embrace relationship based practice, innovation and strategies to support you including options for agile working, flexible working arrangements, digitisation and wellbeing programmes. We have an absolute focus on improving the context in which social work practice takes place and this includes having delivered on a commitment to reduce caseloads and maintain strong continuous personal development and opportunities to progress.

Things that you might want to know about working here:

  • Less travelling: The vast majority of your work will be within the Blackburn with Darwen boundary so no need to spend ages wasting time travelling miles or having to join busy motorways to get to your appointments – just more time doing the job you love
  • Flatter structure: We try to keep our structures as flat as possible whilst still maintaining lots of support for people – all our management team are in the same open plan office space so are easily accessible and we encourage everyone to talk to each other and build strong relationships
  • Enviable CPD: We have excellent CPD arrangements in place with a full and comprehensive development programme for all, you can find out more by talking to us or looking at our development pages
  • A place for you to innovate: We want to revolutionise the social work world at Blackburn with Darwen and need your strength, experience and motivation to help us achieve this ambitious aim