Roles in Adult services

Whilst we do see ourselves as one big team – within that we have smaller sub teams who work very closely together and the support we have for each other is a huge part of who we are and helps us do what we do.

We are a smaller authority so it is more like a family, we all support each other across services and senior management is accessible to all employees, so you really feel part of the council and the community. 
It does not matter if you do not have previous experience if you are passionate about helping others you are the perfect candidate. There are many different roles available, depending on where you would like to work or what you want to do, and we can help you find the right fit. What is important is your values and attitude.

We can offer an opportunity for you to come and see the work we undertake, meet the teams and talk you through the roles to see if this is what you were expecting, which will also support you if you make an application, giving insight into what you are applying for. We have modernised our recruitment process, so gone is a long and onerous application form – replaced with an online slicker process where your CV forms the biggest part of your application. Therefore, you are in control of what information you want to share with us in the format you want to share it in. We still perform all our safer recruitment responsibilities but we want the application process to be painless for you.