Information about our scheduled ancient monuments and sites of national importance

Scheduled ancient monuments / sites of national importance locations
Site Name Type General Period Specific Period
Cheetham Close, Turton Stone Circle, ring cairn and two round cairns Prehistoric Bronze Age
Pleasington Alum works Alum quarry Post medieval 1600-1900
Witton Hall, Witton House Post Medieval Pre - 1544
Coking Ovens, Aushaw Moss Coking Ovens and works Post Medieval 1850-1893
Steam Tramway Reversing Triangle Tramway Post Medieval 1881
Bottom o' the Knots Brow, Roman Road Earthwork Roman  

As well as these scheduled sites, there are many other sites of archaeological interest within the borough which are taken into account in relation to the Council’s day-to-day development management decision making. Historic sites such as mill sites for example may require an archaeological evaluation to be undertaken so that a full appreciation of the importance of the archaeological evidence can be obtained and an informed planning decision made.

Archaeological consultation at an early stage of the planning of development schemes can help to avoid potential problems.

The Council supports and liaises with the Lancashire Historic Environment Record.