Assets of community value

An asset of community value is a legal right under the Localism Act 2011. It gives communities the opportunity to control the assets and facilities that matter to them.


The Council keeps a list of buildings and other lands in its area, which are of community value. This ensures that when such land is sold, local groups have the opportunity to delay the sale to enable them to prepare a bid to buy it.

The Community Right to Bid does not restrict:

  • who the owner of the listed asset sells to
  • the price the owner sells at
  • what the owner can do with the property once listed

Parish councils - as well as local, voluntary and community bodies - can nominate local land and buildings to be included in the list of assets of community value. This can include Council owned land and buildings.

The Council decides (with reference to regulations) whether a land or building(s) that has been nominated fits the definition of “community value”. The Council itself cannot nominate any land or building in its area to be included in the list.

For an asset to be listed, the group/organisation nominating has to demonstrate that its main use now, or in the recent past (usually within the last 5 years) contributes to the social wellbeing or cultural, recreational or sporting interests of the local community and that it will remain to be used this way.

Examples may include:

  • village shops
  • pubs
  • community centres
  • playing fields

Buildings used as private residences, offices and areas which haven’t had public access will not be included.

Community value and a fair chance to make a bid to buy the property on the open market if the property owner decides to sell.