Conservation areas

Information about Conservation areas and our duty to protect them

We have a duty to protect the special character of conservation areas. In a conservation area:

  • most buildings can't be demolished without our consent
  • trees are also protected in a similar way
  • there are stricter planning controls for alterations and changes to buildings

Buildings and structures are not individually listed as being of architectural or historic interest, but it is their group value and contribution to the overall architectural and historic character of the area that is important.

Development proposals should always look to preserve or enhance the character of the conservation area.

Carrying out work within a conservation area

The Council provides advice and consultation to local residents who are considering carrying out any works on property within a conservation area.

If you would like advice on carrying out works within a conservation area please contact us.

Conservation area character appraisals and management plans

This series has been prepared on behalf of the Council to set out the historic character of each area and help inform development proposals to respect the historical context. 

Our conservation areas

These are the designated conservation areas in the Borough, containing over 2000 individual properties: 

Chapeltown - established in 1970

Conservation area: Map: Chapeltown (PDF 0.25MB)

Conservation area: Chapeltown Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 0.16MB)

Edgworth - established in 1972

Conservation area: Map: Edgeworth (PDF 0.29MB)

Corporation Park 1 and 2 - established in 1975 and combined into one area in 2015

Conservation area: Management plan: Corporation Park (PDF 0.92MB)

Conservation area: Map: Corporation Park Appraisal (PDF 3.09MB)

Dukes Brow and Revidge - established in 1975

Conservation area: Map: Revidge (PDF 0.56MB)

Griffin - established in 1975

Conservation area: Map: Griffin (PDF 0.35MB)

Hoddlesden - established in 1975

Conservation area: Map: Darwen and Hoddlesden (PDF 6.72MB)

Conservation area: Map: Hoddlesden (PDF 0.28MB)

Richmond Terrace and St John's - established in 1975

Conservation area: Character appraisal: Richmond Terrace (PDF 2.40MB)

Conservation area: Development guide: Richmond Terrace (PDF 1.29MB)

Conservation area: Map: Richmond Terrace (PDF 0.33MB)

Blackburn Cathedral - established in 1992

Conservation area: Character appraisal: Cathedral (PDF 2.74MB)

Conservation area: Development guide: Cathedral (PDF 1.52MB)

Conservation area: Map: Cathedral (PDF 0.31MB)

Richmond Terrace Extension - established in 1992

Conservation area: Map: Richmond Terrace extension (PDF 0.33MB)

Darwen Street - established in 1994

Conservation area: Character appraisal: Darwen Street (PDF 2.67MB)

Conservation area: Development guide: Darwen Street (PDF 1.32MB)

Conservation area: Map: Darwen town centre (PDF 0.57MB)

King Street - established in 1994

Conservation area: Character appraisal: King Street (PDF 2.49MB)

Conservation area: Development guide: King Street (PDF 1.43MB)

Conservation area: Map: King Street (PDF 0.32MB)

Northgate - established in 1994

Conservation area: Character appraisal: Northgate (PDF 3.45MB)

Conservation area: Development guide: Northgate (PDF 2.21MB)

Conservation area: Map: Northgate (PDF 0.41MB)

Darwen Town Centre - established in 2005

Conservation area: Map: Darwen Street (PDF 0.28MB)

SPD: Darwen town centre conservation area (PDF 7.20MB)

Eanam Wharf Conservation Area - established in 2013‚Äč

Conservation area: Character appraisal: Eanam Wharf (PDF 8.29MB)

Conservation area: Map: Eanam (PDF 0.27MB)

Blackburn Town Centre 


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