Garage plots

Garage plots are rented pieces of land owned by the council where a tenant can place their own garage.

There are a number of sites throughout the borough. Please contact us with your address and we can confirm where the nearest site is and whether there is any availability.

The garage can only be used for domestic purposes, i.e. to store a domestic vehicle. No commercial uses will be considered.

The garage must be pre-fabricated either concrete sectional panels or timber. The maximum size for a single plot is approximately 4.88m deep by 2.75m wide by 3.35m ridge high (16ft x 9ft x 11ft).

Approval by property management must be given before submitting a planning application.

The rent is currently £96.00 + VAT per annum and payable in full on 1st April each year. Rents will be apportioned for tenancies starting part way through the year. A returnable bond of £100.00 is also payable on start of the licence.

Planning permission must also be granted prior to erecting the garage by contacting the planning department. .

You may also find availability of garage structures by contacting Together Housing Group on 0300 555 5560.