Land and property enquiries

Ask about purchasing or renting Council land

Details of land and property for sale or to let can be found in our land and property directory

If you are interested in buying or renting any land that we own, not currently listed in our directory, you need to make an enquiry.

Before you submit your enquiry, check with our Land and Property Register to see if the land in question is owned by us.

Check the land and property register

Any land and property may be subject to an occupational agreement. This means that someone may have an agreement in place to occupy the land or property, so it's really important that you make your own enquiries to find out if the land is vacant.

Making an enquiry

To make an enquiry, you need to complete the Land and Property enquiry form. There is an enquiry fee of £165 which you will need to pay once your application has been approved.

Remember, submitting an enquiry and paying the fee does not automatically mean that your enquiry will be approved

We might need to do a more detailed review, and consult with other Council departments before we make a decision. If we have to do this, you will need to pay an extra fee of £605.

Make a land and property enquiry

How do I find out who owns private property?

You can consult the HM Land Registry to find out if the land is registered and who the owner is.

What might the outcome be?

There could be several outcomes, including:

  • the land is retained by us
  • the land is offered as a tenancy
  • the land or property is sold - either to you, or on the open market

How long will the investigation take?

We get a lot of enquiries, and there is a lot of information to gather, and consultations that we may need to do. This means that the process can take a long time. We try to handle all enquiries as quickly as possible.

If your enquiry is about renting an allotment, garden plot or garage, please go to our Allotments and Plots page.