CON29 data: access and charging

Access to public registers is available by making an appointment: please call 01254 585242.

As there is no public access to the remaining CON29 data, the Council therefore offers the following choices:

  1. Some of our information is available to view free of charge (public registers) after an appointment to view has been made. If your information falls into this category, you will be informed and we will invite you to make an appointment.
  2. To get a copy of the information to you quickly, we will search and provide the data to you. However we would need to charge for such a rapid service that involves staff in examining information and selecting the precise information needed for your search. Such requests are known as CON29 individual data requests; you may already be familiar with these. If the information you requested is under this regime, please complete the application form available in the "Documents" section below.
  3. We can deal with your request under the environmental information regulations (Freedom of information) If you chose this option it will take a little longer to complete the request as we will forward all the details you request without any staff involvement. Photocopying all the necessary documents may take longer than if we deal with the request under option 2, but in any case it will take no longer than 20 working days. If you chose this option, you will need to let us know but you do not need to complete any further form. Please see the disclaimer.

How to make an Environmental information request