Land use and lettings

The Council use an online geographical information system to identify council owned land and properties.

We also maintain a commercial property register, as well as dealing with land use proposals, industrial and commercial lettings, and valuations.

Land ownership

We are only able to advise if the Council own a piece of land; a search can be done on the geographical information system.

Please contact us to do this.

For other land or property ownership enquiries, please contact the Land Registry.

Other land and property enquiries

  • Rubbish removal from council land - please contact us to arrange rubbish removal from council land (related information: Fly tipping).
  • Buying council land - please contact us.
  • Renting allotments - please see information about allotments.
  • Garden plots - please see information on garden plots.
  • Garages - please see information on garages​​​.