Land charges and searches

Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest financial transactions you will make in your life so it's essential you get it right.

Local authority searches

Her Majesties Land Register

The Local Land Charges service (LLC1 only) has now been transferred to HM Land Registry. This includes personal searches.

You can access a new digital service through your HM Land Registry portal account, Business Gateway and on the HM Land Registry GOV.UK page

The current service of requesting CON29 individual data and EIR requests will remain unchanged.

Please remember to pay only the required fee of £167.18 (residential) or £264.46 (commercial) when submitting a CON29 enquiry to us after 01.04.22.

For more information visit the HM Land Registry Local Land Charges.

A local authority land charges search forms part of the conveyancing process when you buy or sell property or land. It can be carried out on behalf of people selling or buying land or property by:

  • a solicitor
  • a licensed conveyancer, or
  • a private search company.

Please see the current land charges fees information.

The search provides important information about the property you are intending to purchase, for example planning permission, public footpath or tree preservation orders.

full local search consists of the LLC1 form: an official request for a search of the local land charges register. The LLC1 is now processed by Her Majesties Land Registry.

This is submitted by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, their agents or member of the public.

The second part is known as the CON29 enquiries of local authority.

The form contains questions designed to provide intending purchasers with information about the property to be purchased.

The enquiries fall broadly into three categories:

  • planning: enquiries relating to the control of development
  • highways: enquiries relating to highways, traffic schemes, railways etc.
  • environmental health: such as contaminated land and noise abatement.

The enquirer also has an opportunity to ask the solicitor or legal advisor any additional questions they consider appropriate