Enforcement and prosecution policy

The Council has a variety of enforcement functions, the purpose of which are to promote public safety and to protect public amenities, the environment and consumers.

The Council’s intention is to promote a balanced, thriving and safe local community by carrying out enforcement in a practical and proportionate manner, whilst having regard to the impact the enforcement is likely to have upon local businesses and people.

The Council also has a statutory duty to have regard to the need to safeguard the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and to prevent and detect crime in exercising any of its other statutory functions.

This policy sets out the general standards that will be applied in relation to enforcement of legislation by the Council in its role as regulator and enforcer. It must be noted that this policy cannot describe every piece of legislation or every national or local code or standard. The Council will use its best endeavours to apply all the general principles in this policy wherever possible whilst recognising that each case must be dealt with lawfully on its own merits.