Fireworks application guidance

Information regarding fireworks and your fireworks application

  • Remember – explosives can be dangerous – they should not be treated as “just another commodity”.
  • The fireworks licence is no longer just a registration, it is a licence and (in certain circumstances) your application may be refused.
  • The new licence runs from 1 September until 31 August.
  • Before applying for a licence you need to decide how much and what type of fireworks you want to store, where and how they will be stored (both in your display and storage areas).
  • You can now apply for up to 5 years (dependant on a number of factors including length of lease and previous history).
  • Do not purchase stock until your licence is a granted (initial payment does not mean that you will be granted a licence)
  • Make your application well in advance – we will try to process applications as quickly as possible, but it could take us up to 42 days, from receipt of a fully completed and accurate application.
  • As your current licence (if applicable) expires on 31 August, you should aim to have your fully completed application with us before that date. If your fully completed, and accurate, application is not received by 15th Sept, then you will have to pay for a new licence (rather than a renewal).
  • Before making your application, study all the guidance on the HSE website. Please read all relevant information and documents carefully, in particular the documents under the subsector: L50, L51, along with applicable level 1 and level 2 documents.
  • Read and complete the licence application form, and additional information sheet, carefully, accurately and fully, making sure you send any requested supporting documents/plans. A failure to give full and accurate information on your fireworks application will lead to a delay in processing – as the application will be returned to you.
  • Before we consider your application we will consult with the Fire service and Police to see if they have any objections to your application. The consultation process can take up to 28 days.
  • Selling periods:
    • 15 October – 10 November;
    • 26 Dec – 31 Dec;
    • On the first day of Chinese New Year, and three days immediately preceding it;
    • On the first day of Diwali, and the three days immediately preceding it.
  • You will need to make an additional application, under the Fireworks Regulations 2004, if you want to sell fireworks all year round. The cost of these is £500. Please contact us if you think this applies to you.
  • Once you have applied for a licence, and we have consulted with the Police, we may make site inspections (with the Fire Brigade/Police) before approving your licence. We may also make unannounced site inspections during the fireworks season (again along with Fire service and /or Police).
  • During the current COVID situation, we may need you to close your shop whilst an inspection is taking place.
  • You must be aware that (as of 4 July 2017) only the new CE marked fireworks can legally be sold, therefore it is advisable takes steps to ensure that, if you have any old (BS7114/BSEN15947) marked stock, that you dispose of it safely. It is recommended that any old stock is returned to your supplier.
  • Once you are selling fireworks, we may make attempted undercover test purchases , with under age volunteers, to check whether or not you are selling to under 18’s;
  • Challenge 25. As with other age restricted products, we strongly recommend that you adopt a Challenge 25 policy. This means that if a person appears to be under the age of 25 they will be asked to verify that they are over 18, by showing proof of age.

Fees for licence

New licence: less than 250kg NEC

Fireworks and explosives new licence: less than 250kg NEC prices
Duration (years) Fee (£)
1 111
2 144
3 177
4 211
5 243

Renewal licence: less than 250kg NEC

Fireworks and explosives renewal licences: less than 250kg NEC prices
Duration (years) Fee (£)
1 55
2 88
3 123
4 155
5 189

New licence: above 250kg NEC (<2000)

Fireworks and explosives new licence: above 250kg NEC (<2000) prices
Duration (years) Fee (£)
1 189
2 248
3 311
4 382
5 432

Renewal licence: above 250kg NEC (<2000)

Fireworks and explosives renewal licence: above 250kg NEC (<2000) prices
Duration (years) Fee (£)
1 88
2 150
3 211
4 272
5 333

Transfers / variation are charged at £37 (may incur additional cost for other work carried out)