The law says that any child or young person taking part in a performance or activity should be supervised and well cared for at all times. If parents are unavailable to care for their child personally, a chaperone must be used.

A chaperone is an adult approved by a local authority to take charge of children or young people over the course of a performance or activity, including travel to and from the event.

The law says that a chaperone must:

  • be suitably vetted to look after children
  • look after no more than 12 children at one time
  • not be asked to undertake other duties whilst acting as a chaperone
  • follow the correct procedures if the child becomes ill, upset or suffers an injury

The chaperone’s first duty is to the welfare of the child. He or she should exercise the same level of duty and care that a good parent might reasonably be expected to provide.

For further guidance, please email childlicensing@blackburn.gov.uk

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