Pavement licences

Information and guidance about pavement cafe licences and displays on streets and pavements.

A pavement licence is a licence granted by the local authority which allows the licence-holder to place removable furniture over certain highways adjacent to the premises, for certain purposes.

Pavement cafe licence

Full guidance on applying for a pavement cafe licence can be found on GOV.UK

Download the application form

Your completed application can be emailed to or alternatively send it in the post for the attention of:

The Licensing department at Public Protection and Environmental Health, Davyfield Road Depot, Roman Road Industrial Estate, Blackburn , BB1 2LX.

Pavement licence: displays on streets and pavements

You will need a permit if you operate a business and wish to place an advertising board or display on the highway or pavement.

Displays must not be placed on the highway without formal receipt of the permit, unless prior agreement has been reached with the highways service.

For further guidance or to apply for a licence, please email