Wheelchair accessible hackney carriages and private hire taxis

A list of private hire vehicles and hackney carriages that are wheelchair accessible

Updated 1 February 2023

Wheelchair accessible Hackney carriages and private hire taxis
CompanyTelephone NumberLicence NoVehicle Registration PlateColourMake and ModelNumber of Passengers
Amber Cars01254 691111HV36GX10 HHCBlackPeugeot Expert6
B & B01254 680600PV2851FGZ 8411SilverVW Caddy5
B & B01254 680600PV1494PJ16 CCVSilverVW Caddy5
B & B01254 680600PV1635PL17 OEESilverVW Caddy4
B & B01254 680600PV2840RE66 ZSUBlackVW Caddy4
B & B01254 680600HV04YY62 VHHBlackVW Caddy5
Brownhill Private Hire01254 247500PV2751BX08 XHCBlueLDV Maxus7
Brownhill Private Hire01254 247500PV2932BX10 OGOWhiteFord Transit8
Brownhill Private Hire01254 247500PV3136NX14 BJFGreyVauxhall Vivaro8
Brownhill Private Hire01254 247500PV2082YJ59 FYTBlackPeugeot Expert5
City01254 696996PV564AE07 BFXWhiteLDV Maxus8
City01254 696996PV928BX07 LNYWhiteLDV Maxus8
City01254 696996PV571BX55 TZMWhiteLDV Maxus8
City01254 696996PV925SF57 KDNWhiteLDV Maxus8
City01254 696996PV2137SO06 NLNBlueRenault Traffic8
City01254 696996PV3032YJ62 FHTBlackRenault Traffic8
Darwen Private Hire HV06E7 UMRBlackFORD PRO8
Darwen Private Hire PV1153PO55 URPWhiteLT46 TDI8
Get Chauffered PV2672BX58 VRJWhiteVolkswagen Crafter8
Hackney Carriage HV01786 XESBlackVW Caddy6
Hackney Carriage HV34BJ57 XFUBlackMerc Vito7
Hackney Carriage HV33BXZ 7479BlackVW Caddy6
Hackney Carriage HV27DEZ 3766BlackPeugeot E7 Van7
Hackney Carriage HV31DG55 RZVBlackMerc Vito8
Hackney Carriage HV54DK10 CKUBlackTX46
Hackney Carriage HV58DK13 AXWBlackVW Caddy6
Hackney Carriage HV41HX13 XYSBlackMerc Vito8
Hackney Carriage HV32LB09 MTZBlackMerc Vito7
Hackney Carriage HV40LB59 WAJBlackMerc Vito7
Hackney Carriage HV65LC05 BLJBlackTX25
Hackney Carriage HV20LC60 SCZBlackMerc Vito7
Hackney Carriage HV53LD05 AKJBlackTX27
Hackney Carriage HV42LD59 HRFBlackMerc Vito6
Hackney Carriage HV66LG59 GLYBlackMerc Vito7
Hackney Carriage HV70LT07 BNDSilverTX46
Hackney Carriage HV17LX51 NYZBlueTX15
Hackney Carriage HV26MX51 WDPBlackTX15
Hackney Carriage HV44NK12 FGVBlackVW Caddy6
Hackney Carriage HV02NK65 DZMBlackVW Caddy4
Hackney Carriage HV47PJ06 ZNNBlackMerc Vito8
Hackney Carriage Vehicle HV10PL14 NNTBlackPeugeot E7 Van7
Hackney Carriage HV69SA57 PLJBlackPeugeot Expert8
Hackney Carriage HV61SB06 NOFBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV15SB06 NSUBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV68SB55 VOPBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV18SC63 YLUBlackPeugeot Euro Taxi7
Hackney Carriage HV55SD05 DGOBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV49SD05 DNNBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV46SE05 JHJBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV51SE13 WGYBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV22SF09 HSZBlackPeugeot Expert8
Hackney Carriage HV16SF09 HXGBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV03SF12 AKVBlackPeugeot Partner4
Hackney Carriage HV38SF14 ANPBlackEuro LX Plus7
Hackney Carriage HV14SF14 BAVBlackPeugeot E7 Van7
Hackney Carriage HV07SF53 NUWBlackPeugeot E7 Van7
Hackney Carriage HV11SF55 DXSBlackTX26
Hackney Carriage HV63SF58 EXABlackFiat Scudo8
Hackney Carriage HV57SF58 FSOBlackTX45
Hackney Carriage HV23SF60 CBVBlackFiat Scudo8
Hackney Carriage HV29SF64 FFUBlackPeugeot Partner5
Hackney Carriage HV39SH08 0WWBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV48SJ05 LXCBlackPeugeot Expert7
Hackney Carriage HV30SJ08 RGOBlackPeugeot E7 Van7
Hackney Carriage HV25SJ08 RKVBlackPeugeot E7 Van8
Hackney Carriage HV35SJ14 AHEBlackMercedes Minibus8
Hackney Carriage HV56SJ57 LHBBlackPeugeot Expert8
Hackney Carriage HV28SJ58 LTABlackPeugeot E7 Van7
Hackney Carriage HV45WN64 SRXBlackNissan NV2005
Hackney Carriage HV43WX03 FNWBlackTX25
Matrix Private Hire01254 278863PV426AE56 HHOWhiteLDV Maxus8
Matrix Private Hire01254 278863PV557R934 SHLWhiteVW LT358
Matrix Private Hire01254 278863HV12SF10 AYZBlackPeugeot Expert7
Quick Cars01254  888889HV64M200 UDYBlackFord Custom8
Rawal Private Hire01254 200200HV67NK64 CWFBlackVW Caddy5
UK Private Hire01254 691070PV3253KX62 OHYGreyToyota Prius Plus7