A group 2 medical will be required for all new applications.

A Group 2 medical will be required for all new applications.

The medical examination report needs to be completed by your own GP practice or one of the Council’s approved suppliers.

If you use one of the approved suppliers you will need to provide them with a copy of your medical summary.

The Council applies the DVLA Group 2 medical standard for the purposes of hackney carriage and private hire licensing. A satisfactory medical will be valid up to the applicant's 45th birthday.

A new medical with then be required every 5 years until age of 65 and then annually.

The exception will be if the examining doctor recommends a further medical within this period.

We reserve the right to request a further medical examination should there be reason to believe that a new medical condition has emerged.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the medical done at the right time and produce it to the licensing service.

If you are not applying to renew your licence, but have been asked to provide a new medical by one of the Licensing Team, you can submit it here.

Submit your group 2 medical form