Blue Badge misuse and decision appeals

If you suspect the misuse of a Blue Badge, please report this to us.

Report Blue Badge misuse

Suspected fraudulent and misuse of a Blue Badge is taken seriously and all reports will be investigated.

Please note:

  • the Blue Badge holder must be travelling in the vehicle for the Blue Badge to be valid. Once the badge-holder has left the vehicle, it cannot be used to park in another location
  • the Blue Badge must not be used by anyone carrying out caring responsibilities on behalf of the badge-holder when they are not present in the vehicle. For example, food shopping or collecting/picking up items for the badge-holder

What is Blue Badge misuse or fraud

It can include:

  • using a badge that is no longer valid
  • using a badge when the badge-holder has passed away
  • using a badge that has been forged or copied
  • using a badge that has been lost or stolen
  • a valid badge that is misused by anyone other than the badge-holder, including family members and friends

Find further information about the Blue Badge scheme; rights and responsibilities.

Our Civil Enforcement team, the police and other local authorities will work alongside us to investigate all reports. In serious cases, our anti-fraud team will investigate further if required. Blue Badge misuse can lead to fines of up to £1,000, prosecution and in some cases, withdrawal of the Blue Badge service for persistent misuse.

Civil Enforcement officers have legal powers to inspect and confiscate a Blue Badge at the roadside if they think it is being misused. Please be aware that it is a criminal offence to refuse a request to inspect or surrender your badge.

Blue badge decision appeals

There is no appeal process against a decision made by us to refuse a Blue Badge. However, if you have been refused and you disagree with the decision or can provide more information which may support a successful application, then you can ask us to reconsider, by submitting your request in writing within 28 days of the decision.

If applicable, you may be asked to attend a mobility assessment with an occupational therapist.