Petition reviews

If you feel that we have not dealt with your petition properly, the petition organiser has the right to request that a council overview and scrutiny committee review the steps that the Council has taken in response to your petition.

It is helpful to everyone and can improve the prospects for a review if the petition organiser gives a short explanation of the reasons why the Council’s response is not considered to be adequate.

The committee will try to consider your request at its next meeting, although on some occasions this may not be possible and consideration will take place at the following meeting. Should the committee determine we have not dealt with your petition adequately, it may use any of its powers to deal with the matter. These powers include prompting an investigation, making recommendations to the council executive and arranging for the matter to be considered at a meeting of the full Council.

Once the appeal has been considered the petition organiser will be informed of the results within 5 working days. The results of the review will also be published on our website.