Petitions: officer evidence

Your petition may ask for a senior council officer to give evidence at a public meeting about something for which the officer is responsible as part of their job. For example, your petition may ask a senior council officer to explain progress on an issue, or to explain the advice given to elected members to enable them to make a particular decision.

If your petition contains at least 2,100 signatures, the relevant senior officer will give evidence at a public meeting a council overview and scrutiny committee. A list of the senior staff that can be called to give evidence can be found in the appendix.

You should be aware that the overview and scrutiny committee may decide that it would be more appropriate for another officer to give evidence instead of any officer named in the petition; for instance if the named officer has changed jobs.

The committee may also decide to call the relevant councillor to attend the meeting.

Committee members will ask the questions at this meeting, but you will be able to suggest questions to the chair of the committee by contacting us up to three working days before the meeting.