Holden Fold masterplan

Guidance for the development of the allocated site and will be used to inform the determination of planning applications.

The land to the north of Holden Fold is one of five major housing allocations in Darwen which, collectively, are expected to deliver more than 1000 new homes in the period of the current development plan (2011-2026).

This new housing is one significant part of an agenda which aims to accelerate growth in Blackburn with Darwen. In order to support growth in Darwen in particular there is parallel investment in new roads infrastructure.

The package of infrastructure improvements is in the form of the Darwen East Development Corridor initiative. This is designed to mitigate the impacts of traffic on the highway network associated with the delivery of new housing and to bring about greater connectivity between neighbourhoods.

This document presents a masterplan for the major housing allocation at Holden Fold and shows how new homes and the associated infrastructure specific to this site should be designed and delivered.