The Council will investigate and resolve any breaches of planning control; this is known as planning enforcement.

You can complain by reporting breaches of planning control control such as development taking place without planning permission or properties being used for business or other uses without permission.

Due to current resources, we can only accept the reporting of breaches of planning control via the online form. Using this method will provide you with a more efficient service, creates a reference number for the complaint, and allows for improved monitoring from the Planning Enforcement Officer.

Please note, the Council do not accept anonymous complaints.

All complaints reported are treated as confidential. Names and addresses will not be divulged to anyone involved in the alleged breach, however on certain occasions, the matter may progress to a prosecution and as such the complainant may be asked to appear as a witness.

What happens next

When we receive your complaint we will:

  • contact you in writing or by email. This will include the investigating officer's details
  • visit the site to establish whether or not there has been a breach
  • update you of progress during and at the end of the investigation