Planning enforcement register

Planning enforcement register
Ref no. Site address Summary of alleged breach Notice Served Appeal Status
E152 Land corner Bolton Rd/Velvet St, Ewood, Blackburn Unauthorised car sales 20/04/2005 Written reps appeal Dismissed Use ceased
E156 39 Higher Audley Street, Blackburn Unauthorised single storey extension 31/05/2006 Hearing appeal. Dismissed Extension reduced to acceptable level
E166 64 Manor Road, Blackburn Unauthorised roof terrace 22/05/2007 Written reps appeal Dismissed Roof terrace removed
E168 Unit 6 Perseverance Mill, Burnley Rd, Blackburn Unauthorised retail sales 10/08/2007   Use ceased
E169 37 Beaumont Way, Darwen Unauthorised decking 24/10/2007   Decking removed
E170 382 Whalley New Rd, Blackburn Unauthorised dormer 08/12/2008   Dormer reduced in size & tile hung
E172 Land opp Clough Head Farm, Broadhead Rd, Edgworth Unauthorised siting of 2 containers 21/01/2008   Prosecution, conditional discharge. Containers removed
E173 Dingle House, Hampsons Fold, Belmont Rd, Unauthorised shed erected on Green Belt 11/03/2008 Written reps appeal Dismissed Shed removed
E174 96 Randal Street, Blackburn Unauthorised change of use from residential to clothing manufacture. 27/02/2008 Written reps appeal Dismissed Use ceased
E175 Unit 3, Vale Mill, Emerald St, Blackburn Unauthorised change of use to vehicle breakers TSN 23/10/07. Enf + Stop 20/11/07   Use ceased
E179 Land adj. Tottenham Rd, Lower Darwen Unauthorised pigeon loft 21/11/2008   Loft removed
E181 3 Spring Meadows, Darwen Unauthorised balcony 27/02/2009   Balcony removed
E183 41 Leamington Road, Blackburn Unauthorised single storey rear extension 19/02/2009   Extension removed
E185 Anchor Mill, Mossfold Rd, Darwen Unauthorised air con units 19/01/2009   Units removed
E187 Unit 2 Sudellside Mill, Sudellside St, Darwen Unauthorised plastic recycling 30/09/2009   Use reduced
E191 Land at 168 Whalley Old Rd, Blackburn Unauthorised car sales + siting of office building 30/09/2009 Appeal against refusal of planning permission outstanding Further amended application approved
E197 Former Co-op, Hacking St, Darwen Unauthorised car repairs 09/12/2009 Written reps appeal. Dismissed Use ceased
E198 29 Manitoba Close, Blackburn Unauthorised conservatory 13/01/2010   Conservatory removed
E200 7 Cravens Heath, Blackburn Unauthorised extension of domestic curtilage 03/11/2010   Ceased
E202 79 Northgate Blackburn Unauthorised shop front 20/08/2010    
E204 374 Whalley Old Rd, Blackburn Unauthorised 2 storey extension 30/06/2010   Complied
E208 2Billinge Avenue, Blackburn Unauthorised siting of 2 containers 07/10/2010   Containers removed
E213 23 Goodshaw Close, Blackburn Unauthorised front porch 15/12/2011   Porch removed
E217 Land off Wensley Road, Blackburn Unauthorised car sales 24/02/2012 Awaiting appeal against 2nd refusal  
E223 15/19/Croft Street, Darwen Unauthorised installation of upvc shop front 09/08/2013    
E229 53 Regent Street, Blackburn Unauthorised shisha cafe 18/01/2013   Use ceased
E231 32 Bank Top, Blackburn Unauthorised mixed use of ground floor 18/03/2013 Use ceased Complied
E232 117 Queens Park Road, Blackburn Unauthorised rear dormer 22/01/2013 Appeal lodged Prosecution in Magistrate's Court
E233 40 Carus Avenue, Hoddlesden, Darwen Unauthorised 2m high fence fronting highway 01/02/2013   Height reduced
E234 71 Hollin Bridge Street, Blackburn Unauthorised c/u dwelling to 2 self contained flats 20/03/2013   Complied
E235 81 Greenway Street, Darwen Unauthorised raised decking 30/07/2013   Complied
E237 Builders yard, Goosehouse Lane, Darwen Unauthorised siting of a van body and 2 shipping containers 08/07/2013   Complied
E238 33 St James Rd, Blackburn Storage & breaking of scrap metals 20/11/2013   Use ceased
E239 21a Exchange Street, Blackburn Unauthorised use of former substation as self contained flat 08/07/2013   Use ceased
E243 Land off School Lane, Guide, Blackburn Use of land for storage & distribution of modular buildings 14/10/2013   Use ceased
E244 Crown & Thistle PH, Roman Road, Darwen Use of land for car park, new access & installation of concrete compound, LPG tank & palisade fence. 11/11/2013 Dismissed 26/3/2014 Prosecution in magistrates court
E245 Land off Bank Hey Lane North, Blackburn Creation of hardstanding in Green Belt 24/1/2014   Materials removed
E249 Former Cascades, Shadsworth Rd, Blackburn Unauthorised Car repairs/spraying 18/08/14   Unauthorised use ceased
E250 349 Chapeltown Rd, Turton Unauthorised means of enclosure in excess of 2 metres in height 03/09/14 Lodged Enclosure reduced
E251 31 Holland St., Blackburn, 12/11/14 Unauthorised 1st Floor Conservatory 12/11/14   Development removed
E256 Witton Business Park, Blackburn Unauthorised haulage depot. 02/11/2015 Appeal lodged Unauthorised use ceased
E257 193 Duckworth Street, Darwen Unauthorised shop front 31/07/2015   Unauthorised shop front removed
E258 322 Preston New Road, Blackburn Unauthorised rear extension forming raised garden area 22/07/2015 Appeal lodged Appeal dismissed
E259 2 The Dene, Blackburn Unauthorised prayer facility 09/10/2015   Unauthorised use ceased
E260 131 Dukes Brow, Blackburn Unauthorised rear dormer extension 19/10/2015 Appeal lodged Appeal dismissed
E261 333 Revidge Road Blackburn Unauthorised creation of a means of vehicular access. 04/02/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal dismissed
E262 160 Revidge Road, Blackburn Creation of raised platform and staircase to to rear, including installation of door at first floor. 04/02/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal upheld
E263 ​Land to the rear of St James Street Blackburn ​Stationing of caravan for residential use. 19/05/2016 ​Compliance period expired. Ongoing
E265 Land to the rear of Sandy Lane, Lower Darwen Change of use of land to that of caravan storage 22/03/2016   Complied
E266 Atlas Mill, Atlas Rd Darwen Unlawful creation of self contained flats 23/03/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal dismissed
E270 8 New Bank Road Blackburn Without Planning permission , the erection of a single storey extension to front elevation 15/04/2016   Revised application approved. Ongoing
E271 2 Clarence Street Darwen BB3 1HQ Unauthorised Change of Use of property to create 2x self contained flats 08/07/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal dismissed
E272 4 Clarence Street Darwen BB3 1HQ Unauthorised Change of Use of property to create 2x self contained flats 11/07/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal dismissed
E273 Land at Whalley New Road Blackburn Unauthorised Change of Use of vacant land to that of vehicle storage/sales 06/07/2016 Appeal lodged Complied
E275 ​30 Adelaide terrace Blackburn ​Unauthorised use of curtilage of house for storage of scrap vehicles 03/06/2016 ​Ongoing
E281 3 Cadshaw Cottages, Bolton, Road Darwen The erection of a stone boundary wall at a height of 2.1 mtr adjacent to a highway. 30/09/2016   Complied
E284 2 The Hayfield, Blackburn Unlawful change of use of the land from Public Right of Way to that of domestic curtilage 21/09/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal upheld
E285 542 Whalley New Road, Blackburn Unauthorised development of a front dormer extension 03/10/2016   Complied
E288 Land at Kiln Bank Weasel Lane. Tockholes Without planning permission, erection of two unauthorised buildings 11/01/2017 Appeal lodged  
E291 114 Pringle Street Blackburn Without planning permission, front single storey extension 28/01/2016 Appeal lodged Appeal Withdrawn / Ongoing
E293 17 Market Street Lane Blackburn Without planning permission, the installation of Upvc windows 10/01/2017   Ongoing
E296 4 East Park Road Blackburn Unauthorised Car Port/ Balcony 25/05/2017    
E300 Land at No. 238 Ramsgreave Drive, Blackburn. The failure to implement an approved scheme under planning reference number 10/16/0020. 02/10/2017 N/a Complied
E302 Land to the rear of No. 2 Hawkshaw Avenue, Darwen. Without planning permission the erection of a car port with electric roller shutter door supported by two red brick columns and roof canopy. 19/03/2018 Appeal made UNDER Ref APP/M2372/C/18/3200948
Dismissed 05/10/2018.
E303 Garage site off Raven Road/Taunton Road, Blackburn Without planning permission the erection of a 2.7 metre high plastic flat roofed structure supported by a single sleeve wall and wooden supports and storage of gym equipment and other miscellaneous waste items. 06/02/2018 N/a Ongoing
E305 Land at No. 4 Ranken Drive, Hoddlesden, Blackburn. Without planning permission the material change of use of the land from a Residential (C3) use, to a mixed use, comprising of a residential (C3) use and a (B8) storage use. 23/11/2018 Appeal made.
Written representations.
E306 Land at Europa Business Centre, being land on the east side of Bennington Street, Blackburn. Without planning permission the material change of use of an ancillary storage building and car parking area to that of an (A1) retail sales use. Without planning permission the erection of an extension to the said storage unit and the siting of 1 no. shipping container used for the purpose of additional ancillary storage space. 19/02/2019 N/a Complied
Use cease, extension removed
E307 Land at No. 23B Randal Street, Blackburn. Without planning permission, the unauthorised change of use from a vacant retail shop (A1) to a hot food takeaway (A5) with first floor prep and staff room and the installation of an extractor flue vent pipe to side. 23/11/2018 N/a Use ceased
E308 Land at No. 3 Gibraltar Street, Blackburn Without planning permission the erection of a rear dormer extension. 13/02/2019 N/a Further submitted planning application under review.