Planning permission applications

Validation criteria for planning applications

The Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration recently approved the amended Local Validation Checklist on the 8th September 2016, following the recent consultation on the changes made. Find out more.

Before making an application for planning permission, we recommend that you first seek advice from the Council on planning applications .

We encourage you to make and pay for your planning application online via the government’s planning website, Planning Portal, to help speed up the process.

The benefits of this are:

  • there is guidance available online
  • you can save and work on your application in draft
  • you can submit at any time without the delays and cost associated with traditional postal systems
  • you can attach all the necessary documents
  • you can buy location (plans and site plans)
  • you can pay electronically via Planning Portal when you make the application, or telephone 01254 585960 to make a card payment over the phone
  • you can archive your application with a download facility for storing on your own computer
  • it saves you the cost of paper.