We can offer you professional advice before you formally submit a planning application to help with any issues and provide a more efficient planning process.

Honest, detailed and constructive discussions that take place before an application is formally submitted involving the planning officers, agents and developers is strongly encouraged. This can help to guide proposals into a format that is more likely to be acceptable to the local planning authority, whilst removing or amending proposals that appear to be unacceptable.

We offer the following services:

  • Duty planning advice service - The service deals informally with general planning process issues relating to several defined areas.

  • Pre-application advisory service - Help save time and avoid wasted expense and delays in the processing of your planning application.

  • Development team service - The development team service (DTS) is designed for development proposals that are more complex and likely to raise a large number of issues.

  • Premium enhanced - Premium enhanced services are aimed at minor (including changes of use) and home owner types of planning applications. They are effectively a “fast track” service for the customer from receipt of the planning application through to the decision.

  • Viability reviews - In accordance with the Viable development (Local Plan Part 2 Policy 7(4-6)), in cases where an independent assessment of the appraisal is required, the developer will be expected to pay for viability reviews.