Annual infrastructure funding statements

Summary of financial contributions secured through section 106 and 278 agreements.

This report provides a summary of financial contributions the Council has secured through section 106 agreements from new developments for off-site infrastructure works and affordable housing, and highway works completed as part of new developments through section 278 agreements.

In summary, the report provides:

  • an overview of what s106 and s278 agreements are
  • the Council’s internal process relating to s106 contributions
  • the s106 contributions paid to the Council in the current year
  • s106 contributions and s278 works committed for future years
  • projects delivered in the Borough via s106 and s278 agreements in the current year

The information included in the report will be updated annually and published on the Council’s website. This will ensure the most up to date information on the amount of developer contributions received by the Council from new developments, in addition to information on where these monies have been spent is readily available to members of the public and other interested parties.