Climate Impact Framework SPD

Information about our Climate Impact Framework assessment tool

We are in a climate emergency. Our adopted Local Plan (2021 to 2037), Policy CP5: Climate Change, aims to make sure that all new development considers the climate emergency in its design. The extent to which certain new developments have considered how to reduce carbon emissions, and adapting to climate change, will be considered as part of the assessment of each planning application.

To show the extent to which new developments consider the climate emergency, applicants for major commercial and residential schemes will need to complete a new Climate Impact Framework assessment tool. This has been designed to act as both a design tool, and an assessment tool. We will use the CIF to look at how the climate emergency has been considered through the design of the development. This will help us to inform our determination of the planning application, alongside all other policy considerations.

Full guidance on designing for the climate crisis, and how the CIF will be used in assessments is set out in the adopted CIF supplementary planning document (SPD). SPDs provide further information on higher level planning policies and proposals, such as the Local Plan. THE CIF SPD is a material consideration when making decisions on planning applications.

The CIF SPD is made up of the following: 

The CIF Assessment Tool is an excel document, but we cannot upload it to our website. To access a copy, fill in our form, and a copy will automatically be emailed to you. Please check your junk or spam folders if you don't receive it in your inbox. Once you have completed the CIF, email it back to

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A completed CIF is required for all major residential and commercial planning applications (large-scale developments) submitted from 15 February 2024. The SPD explains what we define as major development. Applications will not be validated until we receive a completed CIF.

All minor new build residential dwellings (for 1 to 9 dwellings) will need to complete a CIF from August 2024.


We carried out a public consultation in autumn 2023 when we were preparing the SPD. The Consultation Statement shows the comments we received and how they were considered when preparing the final SPD. We also have an SPD Adoption Statement.