Appendix 1: Risk assessment

Risk assessment
Nature of the Risk Consequences of the Risk Occurring Likelihood before mitigation (1:5) (A) Severity / impact before mitigation (1:5) (B) Inherent risk  score (A * B) Mitigation Likelihood after mitigation (1:5) (C) Severity / impact after mitigation (1:5) (D) Post mitigation risk score (C * D)
Staff Resources to produce new Local Plan - loss of key staff due to sickness or moving to another job Delay in timetable for delivery of the Local Plan 3 4 12 Regular review of staff work programmes. Bring in external support where appropriate. 2 3 6
Changes to legislative framework or regulations – Government Planning White Paper (August 2020) Additional requirements placed on the form and content of the Local Plan 4 4 16 Maintain close monitoring of any future Government announcements and take on board any necessary changes. 2 3 6
Further Covid-19 pandemic lock-down or restrictions curtailing preparation work Delays to preparation of evidence base, the Local Plan and/or consultation events 3 3 9 Ensure work programme and prioritisation of tasks is flexible to accommodate any potential future restrictions 3 1 3
Reduction in Financial Resources required for Local Plan production (either in house council budgets or other external funding) Delays in the production of the Local Plan 5 4 20 Budget planning to ensure cost effective delivery of the Local Plan. 5 2 10
Joint working with neighbouring authorities and other organisations Potential delays if key evidence base documents requiring joint working are not signed off by all relevant parties 3 5 15 Ensure robust approach to agreeing the briefs for any jointly commissioned evidence base/ studies. 2 5 10
Potential third party challenges to the emerging new Local Plan (including any legal challenge when the plan is found sound) Delays in the next stage of Local Plan development where consultation comments require further consideration of next steps. Delays resulting from a legal challenge whilst legal arguments are considered by the Planning Courts. 2 5 10 Ensure robust evidence base underpins policies and spatial approach of the Local Plan. Engage in any necessary robust defence if a legal challenge is made. 1 5 5
Planning Inspectorate capacity to examine Local Plan Delay to the examination of the Local Plan 2 4 8 Close liaison with the Planning Inspectorate in the run up to submission of the Local Plan. 1 4 4