Local development scheme

Local Plan Review

3.1 The stages required in preparing a local plan are set out in The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. In summary the key stages are:

  • Reg 18 – preparation of a local plan
  • Reg 19 – publication of a local plan
  • Reg 20 – representations relating to a local plan
  • Reg 22 – submission of documents and information to the Secretary of State
  • Reg 23- consideration of representations by appointed person (Planning Inspector(s))
  • Reg 24 – independent examination by the Planning Inspector(s)
  • Reg 25 – publication of the recommendations of the appointed person
  • Reg 26 – adoption of a local plan

Document Details – Blackburn with Darwen Local Plan

  • Content: The Local Plan will contain the overall spatial strategy for the Borough and set out the quantum of development for housing and economic development requirements. It will provide details on allocations across a range of land uses with a key focus on housing and employment land and any necessary supporting infrastructure. It will also provide topic-based development management policies.
  • Status: The Local Plan will be a Development Plan Document and provide a single information point for the Council’s key land use policies.
  • Geographical Coverage: Borough wide
  • Chain of conformity: The Local Plan will conform to national policies and guidance.

Local Plan Production Arrangements

  • Lead Team: Growth Team
  • Management Arrangements: The draft Local Plan will be subject to review and approvals by the Executive Board. There will be a requirement for formal approval of certain stages by Council.
  • Resources: Resource implications will be met from within existing Growth Team budgets.
  • Consultation Arrangements: Consultation will be undertaken in line with the SCI and the relevant planning regulations.


  • Preparation (Regulation 18)
    • Scoping the issues and options for the Local Plan and commission initial key evidence base: January – December 2018
    • Consult on Issues and Options: February – April 2019
    • Consider responses to Issues and Options: May - July 2019
    • Commissioning and delivery of additional evidence base to inform emerging draft plan, site selection process & policy development: January 2019 – December 2020
    • Consult on draft Local Plan under Regulation 18: January - February 2021
    • Production of supporting technical papers for Publication Draft Local Plan: March - December 2021
  • Publication (Regulations 19/20)
    • Consult on Publication Draft Local Plan January – February 2022
    • Consider responses to Publication Draft and finalise Submission Draft: March - June 2022
  • Submission (Regulation 22)
    • Submit Local Plan for examination: June - July 2022
  • Examination (Regulations 23/24/25)
    • Process run by a Planning Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate (includes consultation on any Main Modifications to the Plan prior to receipt of the final report from the Planning Inspector): July 2022 onwards (Planning Inspectorate estimate a period of 12 months for the examination stage) See Procedural Practice in the Examination of Local Plans, Planning Inspectorate February 2021 (7th Edition)
  • Adoption (Regulation 26)
    • Formal Adoption by the Council: Summer 2023