Local development scheme

Resources and risk management

4.1 A separate risk assessment (attached at Appendix A) has been undertaken of the risks which may affect the Council’s ability to meet the planned timetable. The main risks relate to staff turnover, recruitment, absence, competing work priorities, potential future budget priorities, and ongoing impacts of the pandemic.

4.2 The increased use of outside consultants or temporary staff may be required to keep Local Plan document preparation on schedule. Alternatively, if the budget does not allow this, the timetable may have to be revised.

4.3 Further changes to the national planning system are another potential risk that could introduce some uncertainty and delay. The Council will monitor closely emerging proposals set out in the Planning White Paper in 2020, particularly with respect to the proposed standard housing methodology and any further changes proposed to the local plan process (content and structure).

4.4 Mechanisms for cooperation with other authorities and organisations on strategic issues are already in place but mean that the timing of other authorities' Local Plan preparation may have an impact on the delivery of Blackburn with Darwen’s Local Plan.