Air quality advisory note

Air quality has a significant impact on public health, both in terms of mortality and quality of life. It is therefore important that action is taken to control these impacts.

Local Planning decisions have an important role to play as they influence how and where air pollution is emitted, and whether new people are brought into existing areas of poor air quality.

This Planning Advisory Note (PAN) provides guidance which identifies how developers can take action that will reduce the health impact associated with development and transport emissions. Links with national and local planning policy are included in the Appendix A. This note does not apply to the assessment of point source emissions, such as factory chimneys.

Many development proposals won’t need an air quality assessment, and often the only requirement will be to incorporate some simple mitigation. However, in some circumstances specialist input will be required to properly assess the impact of a development and to identify suitable mitigation.

This guidance seeks to apply a proportionate and consistent approach to addressing air quality concerns, identifying when and how to assess air quality, and the appropriate mitigation.