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Search for planning applications and recent decisions using our online planning explorer.

You can use "%" in your searches to help you find what you are looking for. For example, entering 10/10/12% as a search query would find all applications between the numbers 10/10/1200 and 10/10/1299.

Using the following criteria, you can search:

You will be able to find information dating back to 1977. Forms, plans and decision notices are usually available to view for planning applications submitted after January 2008. A selection of documents are available to view for applications dated 2010 onwards.

Planning applications can also be viewed on the planning map.

The map lets you access all the information you would currently inspect at the Council offices during a personal search appointment. This information is now available at any time of the day.

Planning permission application decisions

Recent planning decisions for up to 60 days ago can be searched using our planning explorer.

Search for a planning permission application decision


Plans, drawings and materials submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 (Section 47). You may only download or print material for consultation or inspection purposes.

Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner (the applicant/agent/architect), otherwise you will be in breach of copyright.