Drainage and gullies

If you need to report a highway flooding issue or a blocked gully, please contact us.

Blocked gullys

Reported blocked gullies will be inspected within 10 working days of receipt of report, unless it is a critical gully and a flood warning is in place (see below). If this is the case it will be inspected as soon as practically possible.

If work is considered necessary as a result of the inspection, the following will apply:

  • critical gullies will be attended to within 10 working days unless a flood warning is in place in which case it will be attended to as soon as practical.
  • non-critical gullies which does not present flood risk to highway or properties will be attended as a part of the planned maintenance when the gully wagon is in the same ward.

Gully cleaning schedule

An annual gully cleaning schedule is produced at the beginning of each financial year (April). Our aim is to make sure that every gully will be cleaned at least once every 6 years where each ward will be attended for an average of 2 weeks per year.

All critical gullies which are likely to cause flooding will be attended twice per year as a minimum. They will be inspected when we receive an amber or red flood warning event and cleaned as necessary prior to the event.

Please see the schedule in the documents section below.