Abandoned vehicles

If you think a vehicle may be abandoned, please read the information below before you contact the Council.

Over 60% of vehicles reported are not abandoned, so the Council cannot take any action.

If the vehicle is taxed and has a current MOT, no action can be taken.

Check that the vehicle has current tax and MOT

If the vehicle has no tax and/or MOT but has none of the signs of being abandoned:

Report this to the DVLA

If a vehicle has no MOT, no tax and shows some or all of the abandonment signs below, and is on a road or Council land:

Report an abandoned vehicle

If the vehicle is on private land:

Contact the landowner to remove the vehicle.

Signs of abandonment

If the vehicle is badly vandalised, burnt out or in a very unusual location the Council will inspect it to assess whether the vehicle needs immediate removal.

To work out if the vehicle is abandoned, gather as many details as you can:

  • vehicle, make, model, colour and registration
  • vehicle condition inside and out
  • exact location
  • ask neighbours if they know who owns the vehicle
  • any anti-social behaviour associated with the vehicle (what, when, how etc).

Check the condition of the vehicle against the following list of possible ‘signs of abandonment’:

  • flat or removed tyres
  • signs the vehicle has not moved for some time,
  • broken/damaged windows
  • vandalism
  • mould growth on the inside of the vehicle
  • general rubbish in the vehicle
  • missing number plates
  • the car has been hotwired
  • the vehicle is unlocked.

If you are satisfied that the vehicle is actually abandoned, please complete the online form.

Report an abandoned vehicle

The Council will contact the registered keeper (if there is one). The keeper will be asked to remove the vehicle within 7 days (in most cases) from the post date of the letter or the Council will begin proceedings to remove and dispose of the vehicle.