Road closure application

How to apply to have a road closed temporarily

You need to give us 12 weeks advance notice to process and prepare for a temporary traffic regulation order.


  • There is a charge of £1750, plus the costs of advertising the order
  • You need to supply a purchase order number
  • We will invoice you for the final cost of the preparation of the temporary closure order

Site notice and road signs

You must put an information sign up, at the site of the proposed closure, that gives the public advance warning of the proposed closure. You need to agree the design of the sign with us. The sign must be in position ten days before the start of the road closure.

You are responsible for putting up, maintaining and removing all necessary road closure and diversion signs. You need to remember that the road should remain open for pedestrians and access to frontages.

You must make sure that all statutory public notices displayed advising of the closure are removed once the work is completed. 

You must arrange appropriate media publicity in advance of the road closure.

Legal notes

You must indemnify us against any third party claims and any extra costs arising from the closure. These include costs associated with the diversion of any public and school transport routes.

You must contact local businesses individually, to assess any problems they may have. You might have to produce information signs for this purpose.

You must also notify all residents who are likely to be affected. 


Temporary road closure application form