Potholes and surface damage

Report a pothole or surface damage issue

Pothole with white paint marking
Pothole with white paint marking

If you notice any pot holes or surface damage to public roads or pavements please tell us about it.

Potholes can quickly form in roads and pavements particularly during the winter months.

We prioritise all potholes so that the most dangerous ones are repaired by the next day. The remainder should be repaired within 4 weeks.

When reporting potholes, please describe the nature and location of the pothole in as much detail as possible. It is useful to leave your contact details if we need to clarify the exact location of a fault.

If the defect has been marked with white hazard paint (see picture), it is already under investigation.

If you are reporting a sinkhole that is hazardous or an immediate danger please call us on 01254 585585.