The latest information about roadworks in Blackburn and Darwen can be found on our interactive map.

Our road works map is provided by one.network, the most comprehensive source of real-time road works, road closures and incident information in the UK.

Works locations are pinpointed as a circle along with logos to identify the type of works (gas, water, electricity, telecoms etc.) and are coloured according to their expected impact:


  • Green: Delays unlikely or minor incident
  • Amber: Delays possible or moderate incident
  • Red: Delays likely or severe incident

The map gives details of:

  • Current and planned roadworks, with contact information for the company doing the work
  • Road closures, including those due to events
  • Incidents, Weather
  • Skip and scaffold licences on the highway
  • Roads where a restriction on works within a specified period have been registered (Section 58 of The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 restriction)
  • Winter Gritting Routes
  • EV Charging Points
  • Bus Stops and Train Stations with live arrival/departure information

The map does not give details of:

  • Works that do not involve excavating the highway surface, such as white lining and repairing potholes
  • Works on public footpaths

Email alerts

One.network offers an email alert facility to send daily, weekly or monthly bulletins of works due to start which may impact your local area or your daily commute through the borough.

Helpful step-by-step videos produced by one.network:

Social media updates

You can also keep up to date via our BwD Roads Facebook page