Temp page - Blackburn with Darwen Local Plan 2018-2037

Blackburn with Darwen Local Plan 2018-2037

A new Local Plan is being prepared to shape the future of the Borough up to 2037. Please see below for further details on the Plan’s progress and timetable for its preparation.

Regulation 18 Local Plan

Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) consultation January 2021 – February 2021

A six-week public consultation on the Draft Local Plan took place between Friday 8th January 2021 and Friday 19th February 2021. The documents available to comment on as part of this consultation can be accessed below.

During the six week consultation period the Council received a total of 1,796 valid representations to policies and sites from 776 separate respondents (either individuals or organisations). A Consultation Statement has been prepared which sets out who was consulted, how they were consulted, provides a brief summary of the main issues raised and outlines the next steps in Plan preparation.

A summary of each representation has been prepared along with a proposed Council response and this is included as Appendix H of the Consultation Statement.

This document, alongside an update to the Local Development Scheme (LDS), will be presented for approval at the Council’s Executive Board on Thursday 8th July 2021.

Please see drop down menu below to access the Consultation Statement and accompanying appendices (A-K).

Consultation statement (to be presented at Executive Board on 8th July 2021)
Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) consultation documents
Proposed policies map
Evidence base documents

The Draft Local Plan has been informed by a number of evidence base documents which are all available to view and comment on as part of this consultation. They can be accessed below:

Issues and options (Regulation 18) consultation February 2019 – April 2019

Public consultation on a ‘Local Plan - Issues and Options Consultation’ paper took place between 11th February 2019 and 1st April 2019. This document set out the key matters the Council considered needed to be addressed as part of the Draft Local Plan.

A Consultation Report has been prepared which summarises the representations received and the Council’s response/action taken. Comments made during this consultation have helped to shape the policies and proposals set out in the Draft Local Plan.

The Issues and Options consultation document and accompanying Consultation Report can be accessed below:

Next Steps

Following consultation on the Draft Local Plan, the Council is now working towards the next stage of plan preparation, the “Publication Local Plan” which it will aim to consult on in early 2022. This will be informed by the responses received through the Regulation 18 consultation and the various evidence base studies.

A more detailed timetable Local Plan preparation is set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS). An update to the LDS will be available to view below in July subject to Executive Board approval on 8th July 2021.