Music lessons

The schools music service provides lessons for children and young people who wish to learn to play a musical instrument or sing.

We have a range of music groups and ensembles that you can join if you play an instrument, all of which are listed on ourĀ website.

Our fundamental aim is for all children and young people to have the chance to learn a musical instrument in which they are interested, including singing, and to try our best to make sure that they can continue to learn throughout their school age years.

There are lots of ways in which to learn and we have lots of different instruments. If you have lessons with us we lend you the instrument on which to learn, subject to availability, at no extra cost.

Most of our individual or small group instrumental tuition takes place within schools, if not during the school day, then just before or after. This is booked and organised by schools. If your school does not offer lessons on the instrument you would like to learn, we do offer some lessons directly in the early evening.