School appeals

Preparing for your child's school appeal

The members of the appeal panel make their decision on the information they have been given. Please make sure that you tell them everything you feel is relevant and important about your case. The panel members will have read all the information that you have sent in, so you should be prepared to tell them more relevant information if needed.

If your case is based on medical or social grounds or either your child or anyone else in the family, you should, wherever possible, provide written evidence from your doctor/social worker or any other professional you feel appropriate to support this.

If your case is based on a house move, you should look to provide supporting documents such as a tenancy/mortgage certificate or any other relevant documents.

You are invited to put forward any letters, documents or any other relevant information that you feel is appropriate in support of your case in advance of the hearings. A date for submitting additional evidence will be included within your notice of hearing information.

You can submit additional information, documents or evidence regarding your case to the school appeals team before the appeal hearing, however, it is important that all parties have sufficient time to consider and respond to all the evidence that is presented. If the information is complex and submitted close to the hearing, the appeal panel may need to adjourn your hearing to a new date in order to give all parties time to deal with the new information.

You are responsible for providing the appeal panel with evidence and information around your case. The panel members cannot make contact with anyone (such as your doctor) themselves.