In-Year applications 2023 to 2024

Moving schools during the school year

The In Year Admissions process is used for your child to move schools if you are moving into Blackburn with Darwen and need a school place for your child, or if your child is already attending a Blackburn with Darwen school and you want to change schools.

This can be because of a house move or another reason. You cannot apply for an In Year Transfer to another school using the online Parent Portal. If you cannot download the form or you don't have a printer, please email us your address and we will post a form to you.

The Local Authority coordinates the in-year admission process for most state-funded schools in Blackburn with Darwen and you should follow the process below. If you are applying for a place in a 6th form, a nursery or an independent school please contact the provision directly.

However, if you wish to apply for a place in the following school, please visit the school’s website and apply direct to the school: Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio

Children with an EHCP or an IPRA

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or an Individual Pupil Resource Agreement (IPRA), please contact the Local Authority’s Statutory Assessment team regarding applications for a school place.

How to apply: In year admission form

Parents / carers of Blackburn with Darwen (BwD) children must complete the Council’s In-Year Admission Form (IYAF) in order to apply for admission to any state-funded school within the boundary of BwD (apart from the school named above). The form is also available from:

The completed In-Year Application form should then be submitted to the ‘Fair Access’ team.

The In-Year Admission form allows parents / carers to express up to three preferences in order of preference and to state reasons for the preferences.

The Local Authority may seek further information from your child’s current school and/or from agencies involved with your child.

If applying for a place at St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy or at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, you must also complete a separate supplementary form available from the schools.

If applying for The Olive School, Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School or Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School under the Muslim faith and / or mosque membership criteria, you must also complete a separate form available from the School.

If you are applying for a place at an aided (faith) school, please contact the school as you may also need to complete an additional form available from the school.

If you have any queries please contact us by email at You can send your applications to us by post or email. The postal address and email address are on the forms. If you send us your application by post please make sure you pay the correct amount of postage.

Checking your application

We will check that your application has been completed correctly. Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will not be processed. We will contact you to discuss the action you need to take before we can continue to process your application.

Documentary evidence may be requested to verify your address. Applications may not be processed until this information has been received.

How places are allocated

Places in community and voluntary controlled schools are allocated using the published oversubscription criteria in the school's admission policy.

For admission to voluntary aided schools and academies, the admissions team will send details of your application to the relevant admissions authority for their decision who will also apply their oversubscription criteria to determine if a place can be offered.

Receiving a school offer

Upon receipt of an in-year application, we will aim to notify you of the outcome of your application in writing usually within 10 school days and up to a maximum of 15 school days (this does not include weekends or school holidays).

If the school you request has places, your child will be offered a place at the school and you will receive your offer letter by post or email. You must contact the school within 5 school days of the offer date to arrange your child’s school admission.

If the school you have requested doesn’t have any places, you will be notified by letter or email to contact the Local Authority to be advised of local availability. You will also have the right to appeal against the refusal of a place. If your child is without a school place, we will also contact you to discuss alternative schools.

If you are having difficulty securing your child a school place using the in-year application process, we advise you to contact the Fair Access Team in the first instance. While you are welcome to discuss your case with your local MP, please bear in mind that they are not able to award school places, and neither an MP nor the local authority can overrule the decision of the Admission Authority.

Children already attending a local school

Where your child is already on roll at a local school, they must continue to attend until the date of admission to the new school.

Parental disputes

Parents/carers must ensure that everyone who qualifies as a 'parent' under education law agrees to the transfer. If at any stage we are informed that anyone who has a right to participate in decisions about your child's education is not in agreement to a school transfer we cannot process your application. The Local Authority cannot mediate disputes between parents. Parents must resolve disputes about transfers between themselves, legally if necessary.

Available places

To find out whether a school has a place available, you can either contact the Local Authority’s Fair Access Team or contact the school directly for schools co-ordinating their own admissions. Some schools may be fully subscribed in some year groups and will not be able to offer a place for your child/ren. There is no guarantee that siblings will be placed in the same school.

Cross-border applications

Not all local authorities co-ordinate the in-year admission process. If you are considering applying for a school place outside of Blackburn with Darwen, you should contact that local authority to seek information about their application process.

Fraudulent applications

If a school place is offered and this is then found to have been based upon fraudulent or inaccurate information then it may be withdrawn. This can apply even where a child has started at the school. If the child is allowed to continue at that school, even though the information was false, their siblings will not be given priority for places at that school under the “sibling” category in the admission criteria if they then apply for places at the school in question.

Waiting list

The LA will maintain a waiting list for admission to community/voluntary controlled schools for those children whose parents have indicated they want their children to be placed on such a list.

If your child has been refused a place at a voluntary aided, foundation, trust schools or at an academy or free school, please contact that school/academy to ascertain whether a waiting list is maintained by the school or academy.

Applications during school holidays

Please note that we are unable to process applications during the school holidays. This is because schools are closed and we are unable to confirm that a place can or cannot be offered.

Fair access protocol

A child may be eligible for referral to the Fair Access Protocol where it can be demonstrated that reasonable measures have been taken to secure a school place through the usual in-year admissions process and this has not been successful, or where the Local Authority is satisfied that it is appropriate that a school place has not been sought through the in-year admissions process due to the exceptional circumstances of that individual case.

The Fair Access Protocol can only be used for unplaced children that meet the prescribed categories set out below:

  • Children either subject to a Child in Need Plan or a Child Protection Plan or having had a Child in Need Plan or a Child Protection Plan within 12 months at the point of being referred to the Protocol
  • Children living in a refuge or in other Relevant Accommodation at the point of being referred to the Protocol
  • Children from the criminal justice system
  • Children in alternative provision who need to be reintegrated into mainstream education or who have been permanently excluded but are deemed suitable for mainstream education
  • Children with special educational needs (but without an Education, Health and Care plan), disabilities or medical conditions;
  • Children who are carers
  • Children who are homeless
  • Children in formal kinship care arrangements
  • Children of, or who are, Gypsies, Roma, Travellers, refugees, and asylum seekers
  • Children who have been refused a school place on the grounds of their challenging behaviour
  • Children for whom a school place has not been sought due to exceptional circumstances
  • Children who have been out of education for four or more weeks where it can be demonstrated that there are no places available at any school within a reasonable distance of their home. This does not include circumstances where a suitable place has been offered to a child and this has not been accepted
  • Previously looked after children for whom the local authority has been unable to promptly secure a school place.



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