School lists

Lists of schools within Blackburn with Darwen with links to individual school websites where contact details are available.

Secondary schools

The oversubscription criteria allocated of the last place offered and the furthest distance are only provided for schools that were ‘oversubscribed’ in 2022. A school is defined as being oversubscribed if at least one on-time applicant was refused a place and the applicant did not receive an offer from any higher preference school.

School admission numbers
School name and contact details Type of school Age range Sixth form provision Published admission number (PAN) for  Sept 2023 Number of on-time preferences received for Sept 2022 Oversubscription criteria allocated of the last place offered for Sept 2022 Furthest distance (miles) for Sept 2022
Blackburn Central High School Haslingden Road, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 505700 Website Trust School 11-16 No 210 381 Not Oversubscribed N/A
Darwen Aldridge Community Academy Sudell Road, Darwen Tel: (01254) 819500 Website Academy 11-19 Yes 240 397 Not Oversubscribed N/A
Darwen Vale High School Blackburn Road, Darwen Tel: (01254) 223000 Website Academy 11-16 No 240 506 Not Oversubscribed N/A
Our Lady and St John Catholic College North Road, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 588388 Website Voluntary Aided School 11-16 No 150 303 Not Oversubscribed N/A
Pleckgate High School Pleckgate Road, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 249134 Website Academy 11-16 No 270 544 Distance 1.722
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School West Park Road, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 686300 Free School 11-19 Yes 140 538 Other Children Random draw
St Bede’s Roman Catholic High School Green Lane, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 202519 Website Voluntary Aided School 11-16 No 210 542 Non Catholic children with sibling attending the school 1.465
St Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy Duckworth Street, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 604000 Website Academy 11-18 Yes 250 915 Children with a parent who is a member of the UK Interfaith Network 0.797
Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School Sumner Street, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 918670 Website Free School 11-18 Yes 124 355
  • Priority Group A - Distance
  • Priority Group B - Distance
  • Priority Group A – 0.565
  • Priority Group B – 0.479
Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School Preston New Road, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 54021 Website Academy 11-18 Yes 124 429 Distance 0.220
Witton Park Academy Buncer Lane, Blackburn Tel: (01254) 264551 Website Academy 11-16 No 240 530 Not Oversubscribed N/A